How to use Social Media to land that dream job?

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“Dream job” is such a strong word but if you really love and enjoy what you do then that’s a dream job no matter who you work for. We sometimes see Social media or more specifically Facebook as a way to communicate to our friends and family and share the things that been going in our lives, we never see social media as a way to help us find a job or jump start our career.

So here are some ways to use Social Media to get your dream job or at least help you get one.

1. Follow or Like the pages of prospective companies
A lot of major company have setup their own Twitter account and Facebook pages for specific purpose, some for Customer and Tech Support, Marketing and one that I’ve notice lately is for HR purpose. Not only that you received alerts when there’s a job posting, these twitter and facebook pages also provide tips, suggestions and resources in landing that dream job.

Here are some of the Twitter and Facebook pages that you may want to like or follow.
HP Careers –
IBM Philippines –
JobsDB Philippines –
JobStreet –

The New Media by Carlo Ople for Social and New media related job postings.

2. As much as possible, provide accurate information on your Social Network Site (SNS) profile
You may not know if but potential employers will (more often than not) will check your Facebook profile, if ever you where shortlisted for the job that you applied for. So instead of putting random information on your SNS Profile, it’ll be best that you provide accurate information such as Employment history, School, Interest, Activities and the like. Who knows, both you and your future boss may share that same interest in Games of Thrones or type of music.

3. Be mindful of the status and photos that you are posting
I know it’s a free country and you can say whatever you want to say and all those things, but that won’t stop employers or companies from checking and reviewing the status and content that you have on your SNS account. You don’t want your future boss to see you as person who is poor in grammar or spelling just because the status that you are posting are grammatically in correct or spelled incorrectly.

Another thing, the next time you upload a photo, you may want to ask yourself “how does my (future) boss see in this picture?” since image is everything, that picture of you in a cross-dress or you in a very suggestive position may cause you your dream job.

But if you really need to upload a picture, make sure you have setup the correct privacy settings, I’m sure you don’t want that naked picture of you being share by more than 800 million facebook user, do you?

So far those are the things that you can do to make your SNS profile appealing to potential employer and take advantage of Social media in your quest for landing that dream job. I know 3 items is such a short list, so if you have something to add, then by all means you’re free to add them in the comment box below.

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Last modified: June 7, 2012

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