InfoGraphic: Facebook and Google+ as a marketing tool!

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Google+ was launched last year with Facebook on their mind, the site quickly reached 170 million registered users and 100 million active users. it’s also adding 10 million user every month but the problem with G+ is the engagement level, since 67% active users are male that are mostly from tech industry, Engineers, Tech Blogger and journalist with an average age of 24, while on Facebook their biggest draw is it’s more than 900 millions users, where 57% are male and it’s users are less technical than their G+ counterpart.

No doubt that Facebook and Google+ are the two social media sites that are being compared day in, day out. But the truth is that these two social media sites are two different beast that cater to different types of people and if you’re the social media or marketing manager for a brand, you would immediately think that Facebook is the best way to go, since it has the most user base then ignore G+, of course depending on your brand and the type of engagement that you want to achieve, there are questions that you needs to answer first like; do you know which social media sites is best for your brand? target audience? where your brand will most likely have a high level of engagement?

To help make an educated decision and create that perfect social media stategy, people at Pardot created a simple infographics using data from Facebook and Google+ to point some key differences between Google+ and Facebook pages and also sharing a few tips on formulating a marketing strategy for each.

The only problem with the infographic is they forgot to include Twitter and Pinterest, since I find Twitter more engaging than Facebook and G+.

Last modified: June 16, 2012

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