The only post that you need to read about Windows Phone 8!

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Still fresh from their Surface announcement, Microsoft this time around introduces Windows Phone 8 or will surely know known as WP8. Using a prototype that was developed by Nokia.

Here are the notable features that was announced at the keynote:

  • Windows Phone 8 is based on Windows NT kernel
  • Multi-core support (from single-core up to dual-core) – even though most smartphone are already shifting to quad-core.
  • Support for multiple screen resolution (WVGA, WXGA and 720p) where WVGA can be think as “720p Plus” it’s 1280×768 with 15:9 aspect ratio.
  • microSD Support
  • built-in IE 10
  • Native Code support for “killer” games meaning WP8 and Windows 8 will share game drivers – Cross platform anyone?
  • NFC Support including WP8 Wallet – mobile payments (on the SIM), loyalty and membership cards, saved deals, and NFC ‘tap to pay’ rolled into one.
  • Nokia Maps; offline map support, map control for developers, turn-by-turn and NAVTEQ map data. – Sorry guys No 3D View
  • WP8 for business; support for encryption and secure boot using Bitlocker technology.
  • New Start screen with resizeable Tiles
  • In App purchase feature
  • WP8 will be available in 50 languages and more than 180 countries – Apple’s iOS 6 is 155 Countries
  • Upgrade path via OTA; devices released within the last 18 months but the catch is that legacy device can only upgrade up to Windows 7.8 – iOS 6 will still support iPhone 3GS which was released June 2009.
  • Windows Phone Platform now has more than 100,000 apps via Market place – I’m sure the number will still grow come this fall!

On the Developers side

  • Graphics and Media; built on top of Direct3D core
  • Offers .NET Engine
  • Bluetooth and NFC
  • IPV6 supported
  • C and C++ native support
  • Hardware acceleration through Direct3D – which means graphics intensive games.
  • Win8 and WP8 shared native API set – meaning apps developed for Windows 8 can easily be ported to Windows Phone 8. 
  • Supports VoIP
  • Car integration
  • Speech recognition (will be available to WP7.5 and up) partnering with Audible
  • Multi-tasking (background apps)
  • Visual Studio 2012 will support Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.5 (Tango) Apps – Good news for app developers.
  • WP 8 will support the following dev. languages; XAML with C# and Visual Basic, Native C++ code and HTML5.
  • WP8 SDK will be available this Summer –  iOS 6 beta software and SDK are available immediately!!

These are the things that Microsoft discussed in their WP8 keynote. It’s been a Microsoft week, where they announced the Windows 8 powered Surface last Tuesday and now Window Phone 8. Microsoft partnered with Nokia, Huawei, Samsung and HTC to create the devices using the System on Chips by Qualcomm. Windows Phone 8 powered devices will start shipping this fall. Again the further they delay this thing the closer the inevitable.

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Last modified: June 20, 2012

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The only post that you need to read about Windows Phone 8!

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