Nintendo updates Wii U Gamepad and intros Wii U Pro Controller and “Miiverse” at a pre-E3 conference

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It looks like Nintendo is excited to unveil their refreshed Wii U Gamepad and the new Wii U Pro Controller that did not wait for the proper E3 event, instead they unveil the two devices that I mentioned above at a pre-E3 Conference that was streamed live earlier from Nintendo HQ.

The Wii U Gamespad prototype was unveiled at last year’s E3, now before the event proper Nintendo spill the beans on the finished Wii U Gamepad. The refreshed Wii U Gamepad is a little larger than last years Wii U and it now communicate NFC supported gadgets, Nintendo also tweak the ergonomics of the Gamepad for better handling and added a infrared sensor for the TV remote app.

Another pre-E3 that Nintendo unveil is the Wii U Pro Controller, at first look it’s the splitting image of the xbox 360 controller, looking at the Pro Controller closely, you’ll see two joysticks located at the top section of the controller and instead of matching the Pro Controller color to the Wii U, they (Nintendo) instead chooses to colored it black.

No word if Wii U Gamepad or the Pro Controller will be released in two color (black or white) or what the price are for these two gaming device, but you can be sure Nintendo will spill more details on these two devices come the E3 event properly. Nintendo also announced an online service that is integrated in the Wii U gaming system called ‘Miiverse’.

If you want to watch the entire pre-E3 conference and want more details on Nintendo’s announcements, I’ve included whole 30 and a half minutes video below.

The announcement of these devices and the online service, it looks like Nintendo is trying to catchup with both Microsoft and Sony in terms of having an online service component to their gaming system. If Nintendo can utilize their exclusive contents for both the games and online, we may see a different Nintendo this year.

Source: the Verge

Last modified: June 4, 2012

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