Video: It’s not Surface vs iPad it’s Steve Jobs vs Microsoft!

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This video from ReadWriteWed is epic and making rounds these past few days, its a side-by-side video of Microsoft’s keynote on Surface and Apple’s keynote on the original iPad. We all know that the product is as good as it’s endorser that’s why Nike always and I reiterates “ONLY” sign-up the athletes that can be called the best in their own sports. A keynote presentation is by no means any different from endorsing a product.

So if during the presentation your presenter and product demo did not deliver, that will surely say a lot about the actual product to consumers and in this case the Surface, specially if there were a lot of question that came up after the keynote, like the pricing and availability. In any case that may spell FAIL to people who attended the keynote. The Surface is by no means a great and compelling product from Microsoft but if we’ll base it from their keynote presentation, it may not look so great.

So what are you thoughts on the way Microsoft handle the Surface keynote? Could they’ve done any better? Let us know in the comments below. In case you want to watch the whole Microsoft Surface keynote, just click here.

Last modified: June 22, 2012

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