Tablet Menus in the Philippines: An Old idea for New businesses

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Ever experience getting stuck at a table in a restaurant (or even a fast food chain) looking at the menu to get your appetite stimulated? You could spend countless minutes in front of the menu looking for what you fancy eating for that day, if you’d go for a heavy meal, a salad, or some burger with fries.  And talking about getting stuck, we normally get stuck on a dish we barely understand what it is (but the name looks and sounds catchy, though no description, and to make it worse, we are in the Philippines where there are so many dishes and restaurants to choose from that you just don’t know what countries dish you want to try next).

Now simply take that imagination and mix it with a little technology, and what do you have? well a “Tablet menu” of course, now this isn’t something different from what is already existing in other countries, but it sure does save a lot of time when making up your mind. Especially if the menu would come with the following:

  • Name of the dish
  • Image of the dish
  • Ingredients
  • Cultural background/ brief description
  • Nutritional value

I haven’t been around any restaurants that showcase this kind of ordering convenience, but I’m sure I’d want to be in a restaurant that would carry this style of menu. We could definitely make the most out of the newest technology apart from simply just making phone calls, playing music and games on different applications. The Tablet menu adds more sophistication to the restaurant and can also be used further as an extra marketing tool. What if these menus could be downloaded to the customers smartphone to be posted on social networking sites or blogs? that would spare us a lot of time and effort actually visiting the place and we would be ready to order by the time we get there.

If ever there is such a thing located in the Philippines, then perhaps I need to find that place. If not, then I’m sure I’d be excited to see one of those places soon.

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Last modified: June 23, 2012

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