The real score in the GMA 7 and TV 5 Merger!

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The rumor of GMA 7 and TV 5 merging have been going around the net and social media sites that people have been reacting to the rumors even if there have been no confirmation. You can click here, here and here the story but it appears that rumor remains to be a rumor without a sliver of truth in it.

To clear things for once and for all, Manny V. Pangilinan or famously known as MVP sent an SMS to Arnel Ignacio explaining that he’s was misquote and the news have been a complete misunderstanding. I guess it’s one thing to read news from a tech blog/news site and another to read an article written by a showbiz columnist.


It’s more plausible if a partnership between the two network have been created than combining into one gigantic network. Still it’s interesting to see how the merger of GMA 7 and TV 5 will pan out, specially now that some of the GMA talents can also be seen at TV 5, and how ABS-CBN will react to the merger.

Last modified: June 4, 2012

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