Where are you “Fail Whale”?

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Twitter have been inaccessible earlier and that was to all web users and if you happened to be logged in or using a mobile app for tweeting, you won’t see any new tweets. The problem was confirmed by twitter via this announcement. While all this was happening, I remember that white whale that’s being carried by 8 twitter bird, the “Fail Whale” and the screen was no where to be found.

Fail whale was created by Yiying Lu to illustrate the difficulty twitter is having in place of those common web server error messages. Fail whale must have been one of the most icon and creative error/warning messages that I’ve seen from any web site and from any internet company. Not that I want to see the Fail Whale every-time I use twitter but seeing the fail whale is a breath of fresh air from the other error messages that are commonly used by other internet company.

Let me ask you, would you rather see the “400 Bad File Request” or the “500 Internal Error” screen when accessing web sites that are down or see the fail whale? But if you ask me, I’d rather see fail whale. 🙂

Last modified: June 22, 2012

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