Windows 8 CP Screenshots: Lost but found!

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I was deleting some unwanted files to free-up disc space, when I found these Windows 8 Consumer Preview screenshots that I took last February, I thought I lost them when I reinstalled the original Windows 7 OS of my laptop. fortunately for me, they were included in the backup that I made before I reformatting my hard drive.

If you recall, Microsoft recently released the Windows 8 Release Preview , while these are screenshot of Windows 8 Consumer Preview, we can just assume these are the same UI that you’ll on the Windows 8 Release Preview, since the changes made by Microsoft from Consumer Preview to the Preview Release are more of an under-the-hood updates than aesthetics, though it’s been reported that the Aero theme will no longer be included in the final release of Windows 8 and the IE 10 in Metro UI will now support Flash.

You can checkout the scree shots after the break.
Microsoft is still putting the finishing touches on Windows 8 and it’ll be interesting how the final release of Window 8 be like, specially now that there will only be 4 editions compare to the six different editions of Windows 7. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Last modified: June 3, 2012

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