Are you a Victim of ‘DNSChanger’ Malware?

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Let me share to you one experience I’ve had when it comes to free internet.

Some months ago, I’ve learned from one Pinoy forum (I refuse to say the site for convenience) how to set up my own PC and by using my modem to avail a free internet and have all the surfing I want almost 24/7. I have to download first some set of executable files and run it so I could surf. This software is very easy to use. After running few executable files, I can launch a software and select from about 60 servers to connect to and viola! I have the internet!

After having easily done, I almost can’t imagine myself surfing internet with fast speed that is almost reaching 3mb per second. Imagine, I can download one episode of a TV series sizing about 360mb in just 10 minutes! With less than an hour, I can download one HQ movie from a torrent site. Having experienced that is incredible! I have a free and fast internet even without spending even a single cent from my pocket!

Before I could get all the satisfaction I want from my free and fastest internet ever, I noticed that whenever I opened my browser, there’s always an ad at the top of the site I am currently browsing. And every time I go to the other site, it’s always there. I realized that maybe that’s the prize of having free internet, so I just let it there. Months after, I experienced having disconnected to the internet and started wondering what’s going on. I went back to the forum site where I’ve learned how to set up my free net and there, I’ve learned that all the servers we’re using were already blocked. After a few days, the master of that post published an update of the software we’re using with updated servers and some additional instructions how to connect to the web. It’s not the same experience as before. It’s not fast, and I can’t easily connect to some servers from the list. I did follow some quick fix such as changing the server ports but to no avail. Few  days more and I finally decided not to use the software. I didn’t uninstall anything or ever wondered the changes have made  in my system.

Until this recently,  news spread all over the web talking about a strange malware called  the DNSChanger. I’ve actually learned about this few months ago but didn’t care to check if my PC was infected until PLDT and SMART officially released a statement  about it and since July 9 is almost here, I thought I have to act as soon as possible!

“If you fail to take action, you may not be able to access Internet websites and use web services like email and search,” said PLDT Smart Spokesperson Ramon Isberto.

According to SMART,

“DNSChanger is a globally-distributed malicious software (malware) created in 2007 by a group of Internet hackers. It modifies the Domain Name Server (DNS) settings of an infected computer and diverts users of these computers to servers owned by the hackers instead of accessing the servers of the real websites.

The hackers are thus able to display advertisements of fake or malicious products  and direct victims to websites which are also infected with other malware.”

I decided to check my PC by going directly to to check if I’m a victim. and Here’s the result:

I’ve also checked my current DNS server through ipconfig /all in command prompt and luckily it’s not included in the list.

If you have doubt that you’re a victim of DNSChanger malware or if you’ve used certain programs that allow you to avail free internet before, better check your computer before July 9 as these servers will be shutting down on the said date and if you’re unaware of changing it, you’ll not be able to connect to the internet.

Last modified: July 1, 2012

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Are you a Victim of ‘DNSChanger’ Malware?

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