BlackBerry App World reaches 3 Billion downloads

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3 days ago, BlackBerry Team announced that the BlackBerry App World just cross the 3 billion app download and still counting.

The 3 billion downloads includes app downloads for both the BlackBerry smartphone and PlayBook and an averagyuhe download of 2.5 million downloads per day. Not bad for a platform that others say is dead or at least dying. The 3 billion download does not include app download are are coming from other online store and sources.

Another interesting stats that was shared by BB team is that it only took 786 days to reach the first billion mark then 210 days to 2 billion, then an additional 176 days to reach the big 3 billion. Also the 90,000 applications that are “up for sale” may just be a fraction compare to Apple App Store and Google Play but it looks like BlackBerry team prefer to track those app that are “for sale” than anything else. Not bad for what many are saying a dead or a dying mobile platform.

Last modified: July 9, 2012

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