Leaked photo of Canon EOS M

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It looks like Canon will be jumping into the mirror-less bandwagon and the first mirrorless Canon just leaked online which is expected to be announcement on July 23, 2012. The Canon EOS M appears to be using a new EF-M lens mount and spotted with a 22mm f/2 STM macro lens. Still unknown is the image processor or if it will indeed be using APS-C sensor.

CanonRumors said that the Canon EOS M will be more of a Nikon 1 than Fuji X-Pro 1, which indicate that it’s more of a mass market consumer camera. If both Canon and Nikon are releasing their own mirrorless, this could spell trouble to Sony, Panasonic and Fujifilm who have been the first company to have released their own mirrorless camera and popularize the mirrorless camera category.
Of course we can never discount that this is just a elaborated fake, since July 23 is just 3 days away, we’ll expect to hear a lot about this product (or not) in the coming days.

Update: Change the source link for CanonRumors and additional photos

Source: Canon Rumors | Engadget | Digicame

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Leaked photo of Canon EOS M

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