Check if you’re area is Globe 4G covered or upgraded

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If you’re uncertain about how strong connection do  you have under the Globe network, you better check their newly launched web application that will ’empower’ you to check if you’re area is Globe 4G covered!

The app don’t just allow you to know if your area is  powered or upgraded by Globe 4G connection but also lets you get informed about their move to upgrade their facilities as they start to reinforce their network modernization program that will empower more devices, especially smartphones in the future.

“Even as we roll-out the modernization program for the network, Globe continues to invest in existing infrastructure to better serve our customers. We are, in fact, implementing measures to boost our 3G signal, particularly in high-traffic areas including Makati City,” added Tan.

Globe admitted that subscribers in their network alone had a 19% (or 6 million) radical increase of smartphone users as of the last quarter of 2011. Globe cited that the growing percentage of users will take great demand of internet connectivity, increasing the use of mobile internet within the next 3 years. Primary reasons for the said mobile internet use include the availability of data plans ranging from prepaid daily variants to unlimited postpaid plans, popularity of Social networking, the use of mobile applications (apps), and mainstream adoption of e-mail.

“There is great opportunity in the market today as the current set-up of telco networks in the Philippines is not yet ideal for smartphones. Smartphones hinge their performance on the network infrastructure it runs on. We want to give our customers the best network that enriches their mobile internet experience so network quality is important. You may have the widest coverage, but consumers today need a network with the capacity and resiliency to handle growing demand for mobile data use,” said Ernest L. Cu, President and CEO of Globe.

As Globe foresees an inescapable future for mobile data network use, which could bring up a big challenge to their current infrastructure and its underlying capabilities, It’s now imperative for them to push their backbone to a higher level to be able to cap the future demand and to show continues progress for both the industries and consumers.

To do so, Globe come up with a partnership with Huawei to initiate the second phase of their Network Modernization Program, a $700-million worth program that will be rolled out nationwide within the next five years to expand the horizon of mobile connectivity in the country.

The web application mentioned earlier is expected to perform its main function of allowing customers inquire and explore places that are currently upgraded to 4G.

So far, the network upgrades have been rolled out in the areas of South Luzon, Cebu, Davao City, Davao del Norte, Davao del Sur, Davao Oriental and Compostela Valley.

Last modified: July 27, 2012

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