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For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been reading news paper from the Philippines and not those dead-tree newspaper, but the e-copy of major newspaper from the Phillpines. Because here in Riyadh if you like to read newspaper from the Philippines they are either as seldom as the rain or they’re a day or two late.

So in order read the e-copy of these newspaper like Philippine Star, Inquirer and Manila Times, I’m using this cool new app called PressReader; it’s a free app where you can read favorite publications to your PC, Mac, tablet, mobile device or eReader allowing you to read them even when you’re offline and in my case I’m using an iPad 2.

The app was created by NewspaperDirect; a Canadian company base in Vancouver. The company have been in traditional publishing since 1999 and the PressReader was originally a desktop application developed in 2006, then the mobile version was release on 2009.

The best thing about PressReader is that it has features that should be in my opinion the standard to all App reader, features like Auto-download, offline reading, ability to flip pages like reading an actual newspaper, pan, zoom or rotate pages, articles and photos, multiple views (Smartflow and Pageview), on-demand audio and search feature if in case you’re not sure if the newspaper or publication that you are looking is available or not.

You can also call the app the universal newsstand, since you can read publication from other country and available in more than 50 languages, you can even read publications from countries that you have never heard of like, Azerbaijan, Guyana and Liechtenstein.

The PressReader has a very intuitive and easy to use UI, the publication themselves (in my case newspaper) appears to be the high-resolution scan copy of the actual newspaper, but if you prefer a more interactive view then you can always switch to Smartflow view, where the newspaper is divided into the different section such as Frontpage, News, Opinions, Obituaries, Classfied Ads and more.

You can checkout these screenshots below.
While writing this post, one more thing that I learned is that PressReader is not limited to iOS but it’s also available to other platform like Windows Phone, Blackberry Smartphone, BB Playbook, Android (Honeycomb and Gingerbread), Windows OS and Mac, PressReader is also available to popular ebook reader like Kindle, Nook, enTourage, Sony Reader Digital Books etc. So no matter what device or smartphone you are using, they got your covered.

Upon download you will get 7 complimentary issues of publication of your choice and if you like to continue reading you can subscribe to your favorite publication with a fee. There are 4 subscription plan available and to choose from; Pay As You Go ($0.99 per issue), Personal Unlimited ($29.95 per month), Corporate ($99.95 per month) and Professional ($199.95 per month). If you’re a newspaper junkie, Personal Unlimited will be the perfect plan, since it will give you an unlimited downloads of publications of your choice.

To see the app in action, you can watch the demo video below.

To download and use PressReader, you can click here, then just download the version for your device. Now that I’ve told you about this app, let me get back to my reading. =)

Last modified: July 9, 2012

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Currently reading my favorite Newspaper on PressReader

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