dextr Keyboard Beta: Type texts as easy as A B C!

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dextr Keyboard

I’ve been searching for some nice keyboard app at Google Play as an alternative to my default android keyboard when I suddenly bumped to this ‘revolutionary’ app, dextr Keyboardbeta. It looks different from the common QWERTY-type of typing console as the buttons of dextr Keyboard are nicely arranged in alphabetical order. Being curious about the app, I tried to download and install it on my phone.

As my phone finished downloading and automatically installs the app, I immediately changed my phone settings to select dextr as a default keyboard. If in case you missed this step (see the photo below), check in the menu->settings->locale & text. You have to check the dextr keypad in the text settings, tap the select input method then select the dextr Keypad in the list to activate the keyboard.


As a first time user, the five-slide demo during the installation helped me a lot in familiarizing how dextr keyboard is designed and how it generally works! Also, this is the first time that I ever installed an Android app that has a must-read End User Licence Agreement (EULA) which is helpful enough for me to be guided with regards to the proper use and limitations of the app. The EULA is very long and I think I don’t have to mind them all so I just scrolled it down to the bottom so I can proceed to launching the app!


There you go! After having done with the installation, I started playing the app by using it in different applications such as messaging,  contacts and search browser. I find the app intuitive and very easy to use. Buttons are bigger and compact so I get rid of misspelled and mistyped words. Although I regret that when switching my phone to landscape mode, the buttons are bit apart from one another making it hard for me to type letters fast but still, it didn’t hurt much of the total impact of the app.

I like the placing of space buttons, shift & symbol keys and arrow keys as well as it is more easy to reach by my thumbs and allow me to switch buttons to different modes quickly.

Also, I find the keyboard smart enough to predict the texts that I type and the auto-complete seem working seamless. But for personal preference, I had turned them off as it consumes space in my small screen and I don’t type texts in pure English so the auto-suggest and auto-correct function might just ruin my message 🙂

Overall I’ll rate this app 4 out of 5 as it has been really useful to me. Although the app is still under beta testing and might still having some compatibility issues with some android device, the development so far is good and I see that it’s heading in the right way, that it can really be a “revolutionary keypad!”

Download the App at Google Play here. For more information about the app, you may also visit their official website.

Last modified: July 27, 2012

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