Get out of the way here comes Soulja Boy tablet

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I’m writing this post to all Soulja Boy fans. Soulja Boy just released 2 branded tablet with takova; 1 is the 7” Tokova Tiger Shark – Soulja Boy Edition and the 9.5″ Tokova Great White – Soulja Boy Edition. Both tablet are running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and with a capacity of 64 GB.

Checking the specs of both tablet, it looks like the typical Android tablet in the market; 2 MP Front-Facing and Rear-Facing Camera, Support for microSD up to 32 GB, 1.5 GHz /Quad-Core 2G DDR3 processor and the usual bells and whistles that you see on a tablet. But in order to get these one of a kind tablet, Soulja Boy fans needs to shell out $699.99 for the Tokova Tiger Shark and $799.99 for the Tokova Great White a bit pricey don’t you think?

I guess the price went north when Tokova slapped the name “Soulja Boy” on their tablet, just look at what that other company did when they slap an Apple logo on theirs, crazy right?

In case you’re interested, you can click here or here to get your own Soulja Boy tablet.

Last modified: July 28, 2012

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