Internet to Marissa Mayer: Make Flickr Awesome Again!

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Today is Marissa Mayer’s first day as the new CEO and President of Yahoo and it looks the “Internet” or at least represented by Sean Bonner, the co-founder and global director of the nonprofit Safecast, wants her to prioritize in fixing flickr.

Sean Bonner created with matching twitter hastag #dearmarissamayer that went live today, which is the same day Marissa Mayer starts as Yahoo’s new CEO and President, to express his sentiment on the continuous decline of flickr.

“It’s just been a total bummer how much it’s been neglected,” Bonner said of Flickr in an interview with CNET’s Needleman. “The core community has been screaming.”

Flickr is a online image hosting site that cater to every kind of photographers, videographers and home to more than 6 billion photos. Yahoo acquired the site in 2005 for $35 million which later replaced Yahoo Photo. Aside from flickr, Marissa would want to focus on bringing Yahoo back to it’s roots as a tech company and not as a media company which is what the past 6 CEO have been trying and failed to do.

Source: Cnet News

Last modified: July 18, 2012

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Internet to Marissa Mayer: Make Flickr Awesome Again!

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