Lady Gaga’s Social Network ‘Little Monsters’ now open to Public

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Lady Gaga’s Social Network ‘Little Monsters’ now out of beta and it’s now open to public. First announced last February, at that time Lady Gaga’s social network is in beta and by invite-only, so even if you’re the most die-hard fan of Lady Gaga, you won’t be able to create an account. Now as long as you have an email, Facebook or Twitter account you can sign up for a little monster account.

According to wallblog UK, the site is a cross between Pinterest and Facebook, sharing features from both of those social media site. LittleMonster is powered by Backplane; a startup where Lady Gaga herself is an investor.

Lady Gaga now has more than 26 million Twitter followers, 52 million Facebook fans and 2.8 million fans on Google+, assuming everyone of those user will create their own LittleMonster account, the site can easily have more than 75 users. If in case you want to create your littlemonster account, then just go to

Source: wallblog

Last modified: July 10, 2012

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