Nielsen: Worldwide online ad spending increased by 12%

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In their latest Global AdView Pulse report, Nielsen said that the global online ad spending increased by 12% outpacing traditional media like Television, Newspapers, Radio, Outdoor and Cinema. TV is still the first choice of advertisers when deciding where to spend all those advertising money but the ad spending only increased by 2.8%, compare to the 7.9% increase on radio, 3.1% for Newspapers, 6.4% for Outdoor and 4.1% for Cinema ad spending. The biggest gainers on the other hand is in the online ad buys where advertisers spending 12.1% more in Q1 2012 than they did last year.

Further breaking down the online ad spending, Middle East & Africa will pour 35.2% more on their online ad spending, 31.8% for Latin America and just 12.1% increase in Europe; wherein the current eurozone economic crisis may have been a factor. Nielsen said that the increase in ad spending may be due to the growing consumer confidence and the desire of brands to reconnect and that of course will still vary depending on the region.

You can read the complete Global AdView Pulse here or from the source link below.

Source: Nielsen blog

Last modified: July 13, 2012

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