Samsung to Apple: “You owe us a Public Apology”

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Apple gets “S”erved!

The “Battle Royale” continues between the 2 tech mega-monsters of the cellphone/ tablet industry. Yes, Apple and Samsung are still at it. Though the way it looks, Samsung has the upper hand.

In the global patent battle, as I understand, Apple claimed that Samsung copied the design of the iPad, Though during the this was somewhat negated to claim that Samsung did do such accusation. A UK judge stated Samsungs tablets are “Not as cool” as the iPads (though the way I see it, being a button ahead isn’t a true definition of a cool design).

In an article, it was stated that Apple UK would need to publicly apologize to Samsung (something you don’t normally see happen everyday), aside from this, Apple UK was also instructed to post these notices on their websites that samsung did not copy Apples’ design (pretty much the Galaxy 10.1 and the S series).

In a continuous battle of design, it would definitely be a point to somewhat create a “similar” design than that of the competitors, we see this in other things such as cars, laptops, not to mention Cameras and even TVs, so seeing this happening in the tablet world, isn’t something new. Though the point of Apple being the pioneer in re-designing the tablet and other intellectual proprerty rights are up for grabs.

Well this is nows going to keep Apple a bit busy on setting up advertisements and notices, while Samsung continues to improve it’s other products.

How does this win affect Apples performance and Samsung’s sales? it could go either way, but with this kind of news blanketing not-so-cool results from court, this would definitely take a dip into Apple’s performance. And this would probably be the best time for Samsung to strike back with other new products and promos to boost sales and take advantage of this win. My personal opinion would also state that Samsung might not want to be too proud about this win otherwise it would work against them.

This era of tech wars have been too focused on Apple and Samsung, where did RIM (Blackberry) and Nokia go? I’m sure they’re planning their own attack soon. but for now, let’s face it. Apple needs to say “I’m sorry” and give Samsung a hug on this.

The 10.1 and the Galaxy S series are just too much muscle for Apple to ignore, and maybe they’ve though that it was about time to take it a step further, only this time, They got “S”erved.

Last modified: July 21, 2012

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