Video: Google Nexus 7 ad: Fail or Pass?

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Google just release the first Google Nexus 7 ad and I’m not sure if Google did a good job in creating the video, since the video ad from the time I started watching the ad until I saw the phrase “The playground is open.” it feels like I’m watching an ad for an Apple tablet, there was even a point in the video that though it was a promotional video for the yet to be confirmed 7″ iPad.

The sound, the theme, the feel and the cuteness of the video are all “Apple”, until I saw the Google maps that’s when it hit me that this is a Google Nexus 7 ad, the Google branded tablet that was co-developed with Asus, that they announced last month.

I’m not into advertising business but I understand that if you create an ad campaign that somehow promotes the competition or at least bring the competition to mind, that campaign is a failed campaign but I guess everythings boils down to whoever is watching the video, right?

So if you’ve watched the video above, can you share some of your thoughts about the video and tell me if Google did great in making this video? Because no matter how many times I play the video it just feel like I’m watching an Apple video ad.

Last modified: July 23, 2012

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Video: Google Nexus 7 ad: Fail or Pass?

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