Upgrading to Windows 8 Pro? It’ll cost you $39.99 Online and $69.99 Offline

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Microsoft just announced that if you are Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 you can upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $39.99. The upgrade is a download version of the upcoming version of Windows OS, that will be released at the later part of the year.

Microsoft also provided other upgrade option if incase you do not like the direct download approach; you can download the files to create a bootable USB or .ISO file that you can burned onto a DVD for upgrading your Windows OS or as a backup; for cases that you cannot download the file or it’s just too large for your connection, you can request the packaged DVD installer to shipped to you; just add $15 for shipping and handling and then thru your local IT Store or Shop but this one will cost you $69.99 for the upgrade.

This upgrade promotion for Windows 8 Pro is available to 131 markets that will start at general availability and runs through January 31st, 2013. Also available are full version of Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro System Builder product for those who are not upgrading but building their own PC or installing Windows 8 in a virtual machine or a separate partition. Though Microsoft did not mention the price for this one but expect to shell out more $$$ for this one.

Microsoft also said that RTM (Release to manufacturing) version of Windows 8 is almost ready, so we can expect more news about this in the coming days. It appears that Microsoft is taking a page from Apple’s playbook, if you can remember Apple announced that the upcoming Mac OS X (Mountain Lion) will cost $19.99, not as cheap but certainly cheaper than the Anytime Upgrades (Windows 7 Starter Edition to Home Premium) which cost $80.

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Last modified: July 2, 2012

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Upgrading to Windows 8 Pro? It’ll cost you $39.99 Online and $69.99 Offline

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