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Every discerning business owner (either it is a small or big business) should know that a winning business model is a model that aims for productivity while cutting down on costs. That said, I happen to have a look to these four online resources to consider when devising that winning model:
1. JetRadar.com

jet radar - 4 online resourcesFor those frequent business trips, cheap airfare can definitely help in the cost containment front. But with the heightened competition in the airline industry these days, airlines are no longer pitching their best airfare prices to price-comparison websites. Instead, they keep these promos confined into their own sites or partner third-party sites, which consequently prompts consumers to go from one flight site to another to search and compare and ultimately find the best ticket for their travel needs.
JetRadar.com is a comprehensive airfare search engine that systematically looks through 728 airline sites and hundreds of flight sites for the best airfare tickets on sale, and makes the information it collects readily accessible by the public in a single portal. This ensures that you not only get value for your hard-earned money, you also save on time and energy you generally would have to expend to find the most economically attractive airfare deal for your travel needs.

2. Comindware.com

Comindware - 4 online resourcesBusiness process automation, for the most part, is what allows businesses to do a lot in little time while maximizing resources such as equipment and manpower, ultimately resulting in overall productivity and cost savings.

Comindware.com is an automation and collaboration software that’s been specifically designed for cross-functional workgroups. Comindware Tracker, with its ultra-flexible ElasticData technology, allows you to formalize workflow processes now and make changes, if needed, later without having to disturb ongoing operations. With Comindware Task Management, which comes free with Comindware Tracker, next-step processes are automatically generated, allowing your workforce to fully concentrate on fulfilling their tasks while Comindware quietly moves the operations along in the background. If you’re looking to find out if Comindware is the solution you had long been hoping for, it’s yours to try for free. And depending on the number of licenses your business needs, Comindware offers varying and very competitive discount rates.

3. PickyDomains.com

picky domainsThese days, with millions and millions of domains already registered, finding the perfect domain for a website may prove to be a challenge. Branding agencies can help you in this aspect, but they charge a lot for their services.

PickyDomains.com is a naming platform that taps into the power of the crowd in coming up with appropriate, catchy, unique and easy-to-pronounce names, slogans and domains. PickyDomains has been in operation since 2007 and to date has over 50,000 creative contributors hailing from diverse regions of the world. To immediately start receiving suggestions, register and become a client, pay the mandatory $50 if you’re looking for a name or domain (or $75 for a slogan) and spell out your naming parameters. In the event none of the suggestions you receive satisfies your requirements, you may ask for your money back.

4. Bitrix24.com

Birtrix - 4 Online ResourcesUtilizing resources that promote overall efficiency in a company, like CRMs and intranets for tracking and communication, is something that should always be foremost in a business owner’s mind. And if you know where to look, you’ll find that these tools, though highly effective and technologically advanced, need not wear you down on the cost front.

Bitrix24.com is a social collaboration and communications platform that’s totally free for small businesses with a maximum of 12 employees. Bitrix24 merges several different work processes in a single application – live streaming, CRM for transaction and sales monitoring, Facebook-like intranet system, calendar and activity planner, workforce management, among others. Further, Bitrix24 is cloud-based, which essentially means there is no need for installation. The application can also be accessed anywhere you are in the world, either via a smartphone or the browser in your PC. For larger companies, unlimited user use starts at a monthly subscription of $99.

With these 4 online resources, you can be confident that the efficiency and productivity of your business is maintained and easily monitored! It’s up to you if you can invest on all of them at once or make it one at a time!

Last modified: August 10, 2012

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