Google Translate app now reads texts from image then translate!

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Break through further the language barrier with Google translate app which recently released a new update where it can now translate texts from captured images! How cool is that? Well check out after the short break!

new Google Translate app

Aside from easy translation of captured texts, the new version of Google translate app now also supports multiple characters from the Japanese handwriting–this is in addition to the 64 available languages that the app is currently supported. I get instant translation result as soon as I brush using my finger a part of the image that the app will translate! The speech to text translation has also improved as it now supports dialect preference for speech input!

This is actually the first time that I’ve used Google translate app and it quite consume heavy in my phone’s memory. But I wouldn’t mind though as an app as good as this deserves a special room in my phone! I only regret that the camera function of this app doesn’t actually worked well with my phone. In other words it is quite incompatible with low-end phones that has a small screen resolution like mine! 🙂 I hope it will get better in the next update!

Try the Google translate app now and let me know your experience about it! I would love to hear more!

Last modified: August 11, 2012

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