Samsung did not copy the iPhone and iPad; that’s according to Conan O’Brien

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Comedians usually create their own materials from current events and the video (above) that Conan O’Brien showed at his show is clearly telling a comedian’s material. The video is about the Samsung vs Apple litigation and that Samsung did not copy the iPhone nor the iPad from Apple and want to send a message that rather than copying they “innovate”. Samsung’s VP for Electronics is also included in the video defending his company or is he?

Even though the video if meant for laughs, I’m not sure if it’ll put smile on (real) Samsung Exec’s faces since it’s putting the company in bad light and just like what they say, jokes are half-meant and it’s up to you whether the joke is about Samsung not copying Apple or Samsung is innovating. So what do think?

Last modified: August 10, 2012

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