Skydrive gets a modern look

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Microsoft is moving forward, taking a consistent interface changes over the past months and today, they launch the new preview of Skydrive, turning into a modern look–yes they actually used the term “modern” instead of “metro” so don’t be confused with that, and also implementing new improvements at its back-end.

skydrive gets modern look

Today, we’re updating SkyDrive with a new, more modern web design, refined SkyDrive apps for PCs and Macs, a new SkyDrive app for Android devices, and improved developer offerings. While there’s always more to do to improve our products, these updates bring SkyDrive out of preview and ready for a billion users – in time for the upcoming releases of Windows 8, the new, and the new Office. The rest of this post is authored by Omar Shahine and Mike Torres, group program managers for SkyDrive. — Chris Jones

Aside from the new and modern design compatible with desktop and tablet browsers, skydrive has also an  improved instant search, contextual toolbar, thumbnail multi-select, drag-and-drop organization, and HTML5 sorting. The cloud storage site is not just about syncing pieces of bits as Skydrive is  more focused on the versatility of storage over the cloud. Files can be easily uploaded, accessed and shared either through your pc, tablet and even your android smartphone.

Modern Skydrive Look

Skydrive has never been this user-friendly. It’s tile-based layout of files and folders is a great experience of easy navigation from one location to another. You can still switch the tile-based view to detailed or list view if in case you don’t prefer the first.

Instant Search of Files and Contextual Toolbar

With few key strokes you can easily reach the file (such as a Word document, an Excel or PowerPoint document) you’re looking for in your Skydrive account! The contextual toolbar also made it easy for you to fire commands such as creating folders, uploading files and downloading your stuff.

Mulit-select, Drag and drop and Sort files easily

It’s also possible to rearrange your thumbnail folders, select multiple files then drag them to folders easily in this modern interface of Skydrive. You can further arrange your files with the easy sorting tool which allows you lists your files according to name, date modified, date created, size or simply in ascending and descending order.

If you’re a windows phone user, Skydrive easily lets you send all your photos automatically from your phone to a camera roll folder in your Skydrive account. The Skydrive app for android however is still on the final touches and will be released in the next coming weeks. Launching an app for android makes Microsoft confident that every MS users get access to their cloud storage account.

Changes in the Skydrive will soon be rolling out completely so make sure to always check your account to see these recent improvements.


Last modified: August 15, 2012