Twitter crosses 500 million mark, Philippines in the top 10 in terms of Twitter accounts

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Twitter now has a half billion user and it looks like that’s not gonna stop anytime soon. According to Semiocast Twitter now has more 517 million of Twitter user profiles that were created before July 1st 2012 and 1.058 billion public tweets posted from June 1st to June 30th 2012, not bad for a platform that requires you to compress your thoughts in 140 characters.

Semiocast listed the top 20 Countries that has the most twitter accounts and of course the number 1 spot belongs to United States having more than more than 140 million twitter accounts, next are Brazil and Japan while U.K. (4th) holding on to a slim lead against Indonesia (5th) that has 32.2M and 29.4M user profiles respectively. Smack right at the middle is the Philippines (10th) which is reaching 10 million twitter users where most of the account are created before January 1, 2012.

Semiocast also listed the top 20 Countries with the most active twitters and 2% of all these tweets were posted from the capital of Indonesia and even though Philippines is in the top 10 countries that has the most twitter account, it’s no where to be found in the top 20 most number of posted tweets, so you can say that Pinoys are not as active Twitters as thought we are, we can assume that Pinoys prefer to communicate more on a personal level like on Facebook or Skype.

Other notable findings by Semiocast:

  • There are more than 140 million in the U.S. but the most active U.S. City when it comes to tweeting is New York which is rank 5th in terms of number of posted tweets.
  • 0.77% of all public tweets are Geo Located even though this feature have been available to twitter users for more than 2.5 years.
  • Riyadh is now the 10th most active city, and the number of registered users in Saudi Arabia grew by +93% in six months, reaching 2.9M users.
  • Arabic is the 6th most used language on twitter with 2.8% of all public tweets posted in June 2012, even though Arabic was just introduced last March 2012.
  • 27% of all public tweets were geo-localized at the city level.

There still a lot of interesting stats that was shared by Semiocast, in case you want to dig more into it, just click on the source link below.

Source: Semiocast

Last modified: August 2, 2012

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