ANG SIMULA: 3D animated film of the natural history of the Philippines

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I still gaze in awe as if I am daydreaming whenever “ANG SIMULA: The Natural History of the Philippines” comes to my mind. I have watched it as it was aired 10:15 AM sunday on ABS-CBN. Lucky are those who have watched it too as there will never have a replay of it on TV, but it is interesting to know that you can still watch it whenever you want and this post is about to give you the details where and how after the break!

OVERVIEW: ANG SIMULA: The Natural History of the Philippines

Note: I’m just refreshing my mind when I write this overview, some details may not be specific or accurate.

The movie ANG SIMULA: The Natural History of the Philippines is a 3D, animated movie that shows and describes the natural history of the Philippines way back 100 years in history. It started how the world, in general began in a single, wide piece of land called “Pangaea” and due to the movements of tectonic plates, the land started to separate from one another and finally became the seven continents we have now. From that separation of big pieces of land, the Philippines was formed and started to stabilize its natural resources.

There are a lot of details going on actually like scenes of fighting dinosaurs, separating icebergs, underwater volcanic eruptions, the beautiful animation of separation of land from Malaysia that formed Palawan etc!

It is interesting to know that of all animals in the world, it is the “Pawikan”, a kind of turtle, witnessed (or was there during) the formation of the Philippines.

ANG SIMULA: The Natural History of the Philippines as a successful collaborative project

In part of the goal of bringing high-quality entertainment to Filipino audiences, ABS-CBN in collaboration with Ambient Media joint efforts to do the project. And with the direction of award-winning director Chito S. Roño, the movie was successfully crafted in a way that it will arouse the right emotions touching the heart of the audience.

The movie was indeed a great effort! You’ll truly appreciate once you watched it, especially when you know that it takes two years to finish this 2-minute span animated movie. And I should say that ‘ANG SIMULA’  was a successful project because the movie was able to bring the best visualization of the formation of the Philippines and its natural resources.

WHERE TO WATCH ‘ANG SIMULA: The Natural History of the Philippines’

If you wish to watch ANG SIMULA: The Natural History of the Philippines, you’ll have to do the effort of going to Mind Museum as the movie is showing there in a mini-theatre inside the Earth Gallery called “Nature’s Hour Glass”. Click here for schedules.


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Last modified: September 24, 2012

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