Epson PH partners with Ensogo

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If you’re looking for a great deal, you usually go to any of the popular group-buying sites and it looks like Epson PH saw the value of group-buying and decided to ink a deal with local group-buying site

The partnership between Ensogo and Epson PH was created in order to give their customer an amazing deal and more value for their money — “Epson products are well known for high-quality, precision engineering. However, we are also highlighting the amazing affordability of our products by making them available in non-traditional channels such as online shopping sites.” explains Jino N. Alvarez, Epson PH Head of Sales and Marketing Support.

Epson is already one of the most cheapest yet high quality printer in the Philippines and I can still remember my first Epson dot matrix printer, which up to this date is still working (though it needs a new ribbon). With their deal Ensogo, you can get as much as 50% discount on selected Epson color laser printers. Aside from Ensogo, you can also find great deal via the Epson PH FB page or via their web site Of course you may also see Epson products being offered in other group buying sites.

Last modified: September 27, 2012

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Epson PH partners with Ensogo

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