Blogwatch: Globe, Smart up for Technoodling’s LTE challenge!

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I’ve been watching some of the Philippine’s best tech blogs and their social media accounts for a while and I gladly learned that Technoodling, a TattAwards 2012 Tech Junkie finalist, brought up the challenge to test the capability of the country’s biggest telecommunication networks’ Long Term Evolution (LTE) support. So yes, Technoodling is about to initiate a comparative test for both Globe and SMART’s LTE service by the end of September.


Both telecommunication networks insists that seriously, they have better and stronger performance in terms of high-speed internet and lower drop call rates over the other! It turns out though, based from the recent NTC network quality test results that one network got higher grades in four out of five benchmarks! You can read the story here for more info.

Now Technoodling team wants more proof to conclude the story for the second time. In my opinion, this one is a great move to stop both networks unnerving one another by releasing statements that drive confusion and to hopefully just do their best in offering best service for the benefit of the customers! That’s the bottom line for all of these after all right?


In a twitter conversation dated September 14, 2012, Technoodling posted a tweet saying its team is planning to do a comparative review of Globe and SMART’s current LTE service. Both networks responded with enthusiasm to make it happen

Here’s the complete story of it. Enjoy!

Last modified: September 22, 2012

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