GoDaddy outage caused by @AnonymousOwn3r

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If you’re one of the few who reads this blog then you may have noticed that the site have been down for at least 4 hours. This was due to the Godaddy outage and it looks like the outage does not only affect me but web site hosted on Godaddy, domain registered on GoDaddy and GoDaddy hosted e-mail accounts.

The responsible for the outage was a member of Anonymous known as AnonymousOwn3r and in response to Christina Warren (@film_girl) — a mashable writer — AnonymousOwn3r said.

A report on TechCrunch said that the “technical reason for the failure is being caused by the inaccessibility of GoDaddy’s DNS servers — specifically CNS1.SECURESERVER.NET, CNS2.SECURESERVER.NET, and CNS3.SECURESERVER.NET are failing to resolve.”

Here’s what @Godaddy said about the downtime.

No ETA, No explanation at all!!! But the site is up now and it looks like other writers where able to post as well, no more complains. I’m just not sure if I’ll be happy or glad about the outage, one thing is certain if you’re relying on other company to host your site or company web site, when it comes to downtime the only thing that we can do is to rely on them and hope that they’ll be able to fix it ASAP!

Last modified: September 11, 2012

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GoDaddy outage caused by @AnonymousOwn3r

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