Instapatrol: Anti-Epal app for Android

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Anti-Epal movement in partnership with Kwan Initiatives, a local technology start up, is set to release an update next week to mobile application Instapatrol (currently available for Android phones only), to allow every citizens of the Philippines participate in the campaign against “credit-grabber” politicians in Metro Manila and even in the rest provinces of the country.

Instapatrol is a photo-sharing app (similar to Instagram but without the filters) dedicated for Filipinos, to arm them in reporting different annoyances and newsworthy information such as traffic, floods, potholes, erring bus drivers and such related scenes in Metro Manila that would be helpful to other Kababayans.

With Instapatrol, users can upload, share photos and tag friends in Facebook and Twitter as well as social media accounts of authorities like Bayan Patroller and You Scoop and government agencies like MMDA, DILG and PAGASA so that they’ll be informed and even possibly respond to the situation.

Anti-Epal movement sees the potential of Instapatrol to boost its advocacy not just in Metro Manila but also in other part of the country to “stop premature campaigns and penalize politicians who claim credit for community projects financed with taxpayers’ money” and “reclaim public property from the clutches of traditional politicians.”

By next week, developers behind Instapatrol are expected to release an update with a new button included that would allow users flag their uploaded photos as anti-epal post. This way, submitted photos will be easily monitored or filtered from the rest of submissions. Users will also be given option to directly share photos on Anti-Epal’s official Facebook and Twitter accounts.

I was able to download the app at Google Play and explored all the functions. I have to say that the uploading feature which is the most important feature, is not working in my phone. I can’t post photo either directly from camera or gallery. There’s also a bit problem with resolution. In other words, this app might not work as intended in low-end and even in some mid-end smartphones.

Take a look at the screen grabs of the app in my phone and their promo video below.

If you want to download Instapatrol for android, click here.

Last modified: September 19, 2012

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