Nokia vs the Samsung S3 and iPhone 5 – Give me claps for my Map app!

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Just when you thought that it was giving-up time for Nokia, here they go with a sucker-punch to the Giants, this time it isn’t about the trendiest phone, but instead it’s more focused on it’s apps , specifically its maps! Yes, that’s right, what you thought Google and Apple were winning, Nokia grabbed it away from them both and by a huge variance.

In a review based on location experience, Nokia trumped both Google (Samsung S3) and Apple this time. Let’s take a sneak peek on how Nokia’s mapping experience stole the show on this one comparing the Lumia 920 against Samsung’s Galaxy S3 and Apple’s iPhone 5:

Does it work without data connection “offline” (this is a biggie for those that have limited data capability)

Nokia – YES; Apple – No; Galaxy S3 – Not really

With the review claiming that in the Nokia Lumia 920, maps of entire countries can be downloaded (That’s like travelling to the country without even being there), wherein for the S3, map caching is not available everywhere plus it would only be enough to cover 1 city. Apple in this category is sitting in the corner.

Orientation – This translates to the type of view you’ll see

Galaxy S3 – Google Street view (not bad really); Apple – No; Nokia – Augmented Reality (now not everyone knows what that means but definitely it comes across as ‘like-being-there’. Again, Apple isn’t here on this category.

Nokia has just about a few more blows to give by supporting Venue maps in 38 countries, while the Galaxy S3 supports 4, and Apple gets none. That’s a 3 strike loss for Apple in the location experience category.

So enough with the chatter and let’s see what else Nokia has to say, According to another blog, it states “For all the needs that begin with a “where” question, we have developed a compelling suite of applications that delivers the best location-based experiences – helping you to discover the world around you and navigate your life. Not only is this possible because the location business is strategic to Nokia, but because these apps are running on the world’s most advanced location platform.”

When talking about the most advanced platform, Nokia was quick to state that:

Nokia has more quality location data than any smartphone manufacturer in the market. Our platform is the most advanced mobile location platform in the world because it offers true offline functionality (for the past six years), fast client-side map rendering (50 fps) and only requires 10 per cent of the bandwidth when compared to traditional server-side map platforms.

The Nokia location platform is the biggest in the world:

  • We have maps data for more than 190 countries in more than 50 languages and navigation in more than 110 countries
  • We collect information from Nokia Drive users and local authorities to provide traffic alerts in 26 countries, and also allow dynamic rerouting
  • We have venue maps in over 4,600 shopping malls, train stations, airport, sports venues, etc. in 35 countries
  • We support multi-modal routing: by car, on foot (including footpaths, shortcuts, etc. in over 400 cities) and by public transportation (over 100 cities)

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Last modified: September 22, 2012

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