An Online Petition to oust Tito Sotto from Senate

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petition against tito sottoAfter the grave that Senator Tito Sotto has created for himself with regards to his stand about the very controversial RH Bill, concerned netizens has filed and signed a petition to expel him from senate office.

Matt Quiros, a netizen from Caloocan has petitioned Tito Sen so that he may be ousted from senate for the primary reasons of spreading wrong information, plagiarism and sexism.

When Philippine President Noynoy Aquino was seated by Filipinos in Malacanang, it was an act of choosing a better future for the country–a strong economy, no corruption, a progressive society. One way Aquino brings us closer to this vision is by eradicating key people in government who have questionable financial records and have a history of thwarting even the slightest signs of progress in their respective offices.

Therefore, Senator Tito Sotto (who, after you sign this petition, will no longer be your tito) MUST BE UNSEATED from the Philippine Senate for the following reasons:

1. He is a popular public figure yet he uses his political and showbiz influence to spread misinformation about reproductive health. Ultimately, this is bad for our brothers and sisters who belong to lower-income families with 5 to 15 children and hence cannot afford proper sex education.

2. He is a serial plagiarist and shows no remorse about it. He steals other people’s opinions when he doesn’t have his own and shamelessly distorts them to advance his own stupid, selfish cause. He is a very bad example to the youth who might as well be allowed to cheat in their exams and he bends religious teachings to justify his acts.

3. He is sexist. He blames the death of his unborn child on his wife’s unconscious use of contraceptives when he could have prevented the accidental pregnancy by wearing a condom during their intercourse. Must the responsibility of avoiding accidental pregnancy always fall first on the shoulders of our women?

Let us show this traditional politician that he is not a victim of online bullying but that we are all willingly criticizing him for free.

Voice out your opinions in the “Reasons for Signing” section. We’d appreciate if you include at least your real name just to prove that our signees are not fake (we do not keep your personal information), especially if you are an influential Philippine celebrity. Be a catalyst of change! OUST SOTTO FROM THE SENATE!

Throughout the years, has become one of the most effective petition platform used by activists and concerned netizens from all over the globe. Its founder Ben Rattray was recognized this year by TIMES Magazine as one of the most influential people (rank 15) because of

The said petition against Tito Sotto requires at least 1 million sign within 30 days. As of this writing, the petition has already reached more than 3,000 supporters.

Would you sign for this online petition? Why or why not?

Last modified: September 6, 2012

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