Philippines as the fastest growing smartphone market in Southeast Asia

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Philippines is the fastest growing smartphone market in Southeast Asia region – Gfk Asia

A remarkable growth of market share from 9% to 24% in the last 12 months or a soaring 326% smartphone volume sales has been recorded in the Philippines contributing to the total of 78% smartphone growth in Southeast Asia.

This was according to the recent findings released today by Gfk, a top market research company, where it concluded that the Southeast Asia mobile phone markets grew by 24% in volume over the last year.

The research was focused on the seven key markets of mobile phones in the region including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Mr. Gerard Tan, Account Director for Digital Technology said that while feature phones are still a widespread consumption, there is a dramatic growth of smartphone adoption in each of the said countries.

Feature phones still reign as the more prevalent mobile phone type used by consumers in the region’s emerging markets… However, smartphones adoption is escalating at a rapid pace with individual country’s growth rates reported in the range of 42 to 326 percent.

A three-fold growth in smartphones volume sales in the Philippines as mentioned in exact figures above put Philippines on top as the fastest growing market for smartphones in Southeast region.

Meanwhile, Indonesia, having the 4th largest population in the world, is considered the largest smartphone market where a huge 4.5 million units of smartphones were sold over the last year. Findings revealed that feature phones and smartphones volume sales in the country had a 19% and 56% growth respectively.

Thailand and Vietnam which are still quite undeveloped market for smartphones with only 19 and 11% sale penetration respectively also sought to have a significant potential growth for market as Mr. Tan noted.

Overall, consumers in Southeast Asia have been found to spend about US $8.75 billion on almost 29 million smartphones in a span of 12 months. It was also found out that the huge amount of sale was due to a wide range of affordable mobile phones with price ranging from US $100 – US $200.

Mr. Tan believes that the intentions to release further relatively cheap smartphones will contribute to the significant percentage of smartphone sales which is yet to be observed in, at least, the next two years.


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Last modified: September 17, 2012

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