Phone with a RUGGED reputation needs some spotlight in the PH

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With the undying lawsuits happening between smartphone giants, drowning stardom of RIM and Nokia, and trending efficiency of the dual sim phones comes a phone that doesn’t just come with a tough name, it also lives up to it.

Now take all those important features that just don’t come in the iPhones or Galaxy S’s, Add a few features that come common in cellphones and add a touch of Wiz Khalifa’s hit song “Black and Yellow”  and what do you get? the all tough and all rough RugGear device.

Remember those accidental drops on concrete floors, slippery dips into that puddle (or toilet bowl, for some)? well you need not worry about it with this new device as it comes with the following features that would make you wish Samsung and Apple designed more of these types of phones:

  • GPS Navigation -Never get lost again with the built-in map
  • GPS Locator – Locate your exact position at sea, land or anywhere
  • PTT (2 way UHF Radio) – When cell signal fails you, keep the line open with two-way radio
  • LED Flashlight – Handy light source when you find yourself in a dark spot
  • 2 MP Camera – Take clear images while you are in the moment
  • Video Camera – Capture important events on video as they unfold
  • S.O.S Button – One-press button during emergencies
  • Waterproof – Submersible up to 1m for 30 minutes. Ideal company for water sports
  • Shockproof – Military grade to withstand strong impacts. Perfect for outdoor adventure.
  • Dustproof – Shell protected against particles
  • Bluetooth – Share music, photos, videos,and other information wirelessly with a paired device.
  • SMS, MMS, and Email – Send and receive messages while on the move.
  • Dual  SIM – Take advantage of the best plans from both service providers

This type of phone is more for those people that love outdoor adventure. Especially in times when the adrenalin is rushing through your veins and you need to take that quick picture or video and accidentally drop it, When you’re out camping at night and need that extra ray of light.

As it quotes on it’s website “Ready for just about anything”

Also a very interesting use for this phone is Blast Unifying System (BUS) that according to G&G International is “an exclusive network of fellow BUDdies (Ruggear owners), who will be your lifeline during emergencies or everyday necessities that require communication coordination”

Their Site also paints a good example:

“Imagine being stuck in the middle of the road past midnight with a flat tire or busted engine; or you are trapped in a building basement and you can’t send a text. Using your Ruggear, you can press a distress signal button or call over the two-way radio and your situation is relayed to the BUS command center. The BUS then blasts your call to Ruggear users near your area, who can provide or call assistance for you.”

Now let’s see how the BIG BOYS (Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry) compete with that by exceeding what this phone has. This would definitely be a good run for their money.

This phone may have been in the market for a while, but it definitely didn’t reach the intended popularity level in the Philippines. And it looks like it’s worth the pricetag (PHP 25,000).

Last modified: September 1, 2012

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Phone with a RUGGED reputation needs some spotlight in the PH

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