Samsung welcoming the newly announced iPhone 5 in a new ad

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Just 3 (or 4 depending on your timezone) days after Apple publicly unveil the iPhone 5 and less than 48 hours when the iPhone 5 pre-order sells-out, Samsung will run an ad tomorrow (US only) on certain national and local news paper that has a tagline “It doesn’t take a genius” — then comparing the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the new iPhone specs by specs.

The problem with the ad is of course Samsung’s focus is on the device and not on what makes the device great — in other words the ecosystem, when I say ecosystem I mean the apps, music and video library, books, cloud service and what not. Samsung Galaxy S3 is without a doubt a great phone and may very well be the “NEXT BIG THING” but the ecosystem that supports the device is nothing compare to the the iOS ecosystem — well at least not yet.

And like what the Cnet article said…

People don’t buy the iPhone for all the features. They buy it for all those quirky, irrational, emotional, maddening reasons that make people’s eyes glaze over and their minds work like a blancmange clock.

Source: Cnet

Last modified: September 15, 2012

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