The Hype About the iPhone 5?

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The hype of the upcoming iPhone 5 was recently revealed at the Apple iPhone 5 event this morning (PST time) today in my home turf (in short, San Francisco). I’ve already accepted the fact that whenever the words “Apple” pops out in the air, the entire world will immediately get in to the hype. The next generation of the iPod Nano is out! The latest iPad will be released soon! The brand-new iPhone 5 has a brand-new design! You know the entire deal. Being a local Bay Area resident since childhood and stuck at the gateway to the Silicon Valley, I’ve always been an advocate and supporter of our local businesses no matter how big or small they may be. Anything that’s branded “San Francisco Bay Area” on those products and services, I always approve.

What I neglected to remember sometimes is that Apple happens to be a local business. Cupertino is only a thirty-mile drive down South from where I live, so that should explain my true locality towards Apple. San Francisco, where the YBCA (Yerba Buena Center for the Arts) is located and where the official launching of the iPhone 5 also took place, was just a bridge away from me. I would have attended but had to stay home. Besides, there was another thing that I neglected regarding my support for the local products. I don’t actually support the iPhone by purchasing it.

Let’s face it. Apple products are some of the most expensive hi-tech gadgets that you’ll ever see in the market. Their Mac computers alone already indicated to a local consumer like me that they were meant for the more serious user or that they were meant for the trendy filthy rich. I wasn’t surprised about the cost of their first generation iPhone either when my local service provider (AT&T) became the first mobile provider to sell the iPhone before the rest of the world did. Today, with the launching of the iPhone 5, the iPhone 3 has been officially scrapped and that the iPhone 4 will be sold in many mobile providers for free.

It wasn’t long when both my siblings and my father upgraded their phones to the iPhone 4S. They already upgraded just a few days after Steve Jobs’ passing, and after just some months of usage, the iPhone 5 was released. The features were already laid out at the conference earlier, but if we’re speaking about functionality, these current iPhone owners do not see the reason why they should get hyped about the new generation of the iPhone. At least, not at this point for now. I also don’t see the reason why I should jump in to the hype and spend some hundreds of dollars just to show off that I’m in to the eventual new trend. In short, to be honest, I was never a trendy person. I was more of functionality and price over something that has a high-end brand with so many features that I may probably not use on a daily basis. Being aware that majority of the Filipinos in the Philippines just love to jump in to the hype regardless of the pros and the cons, but here in the States, practicality and usability are the priority over the brand-name and the overblown trending. I have the latter mindset, fortunately for me.

So, just a few minutes ago, I watched my local news. Pre-orders, if you live in the States, will be open this Friday (PST time), starting at around $200 for the basic 16GB model. I know my local shopping center just a four block walk from my neighborhood is going to have massive traffic again and crowds at my local Best Buy, Radio Shack, AT&T, and Verizon shops would be populating the area once more. My 2-year contract would be over sometime in December and since I love having tangible QWERTY keyboards, I would probably just stick with my BlackBerry or upgraded to a new Android phone that has a tangible QWERTY keyboard.

If you are an Apple loyalist, a lover of iPhones, or simply just want to be trendy, then go shell out your $200 and more to pre-order your new iPhone 5. If you are an overall mobile person who functions your daily life through just your single mobile devices and actually use majority of its basic features, then go and reserve your new iPhone 5 this Friday. If your 2-year contract is almost up near the end of the year or anytime next year, save your money and purchase the iPhone 5 at a much later time. It’s not worth purchasing one without a phone service contract and then finally activate it later once your current contract is up. But if you only want a mobile phone or you never had a cellphone before ever in your life that you just wanted one because you want to call while you’re on the go or simply just texting, always start with the basics and don’t purchase an iPhone 5.

Or if you’re like me, who don’t particularly like phones that only have a touch screen and no actual keys, buttons, or a complete QWERTY keyboard, the iPhone 5 may not be for you. Maybe I will get in to the iPhone hype in the future should the fruity folks down south in Cupertino decide to add an actual QWERTY keyboard on to their iPhones. I don’t practically care if it is the thinnest phone ever or it finally supports 4G LTE (there’s already plenty of Android models that already support 4G LTE for a long time now and they’re still less expensive than the iPhone 5). I don’t particularly like touch screens all the way as it leaves oily finger marks on the screen, which in turn I would have to spend some $15-$20 extra just for a protective screen that would protect my screen from the oily fingers.

This Friday (9/14), pre-orders for the iPhone 5 will be available. The iPhone 5 will be released in our local stores here next Friday (9/21). I’m not sure when the iPhone 5 will be released everywhere else around the world, but we’ll definitely update when we learn the official release date.

Please Apple. QWERTY keyboard please?

Source: ABC 7 News San Francisco (local news)

Last modified: September 13, 2012

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