The Philippines, not on Apple maps?

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It seems like Apple is continuing to fascinate its iOS 6 users by ways of it’s new glitches in their maps. It looks like the bugs are starting to slip through the cracks of Apple’s recent upgrade, with report stating that there are several missing places on maps, including the way the Philippines is laid out on the view.

As stated on a news site, “In iOS 6 Maps, the entire Leyte province in Eastern Visayas —a whole island seven times bigger than Manhattan Island in the US— tends to disappear and split into six fragments, as shown in a screenshot on Tumblr.

“When you zoom out from Leyte, Philippines half of the island disappears and splits into about six islands! If you zoom out more, the island reconstitutes once Mindanao and Luzon come into view!”remarked tech site Mashable, which featured the glitch“.
Also, another possible problem caused by the Apple glitch is how it drew criticism in China over a map of some “disputed territories”. As stated on an Asian news website, “A Tokyo-datelined report on the People’s Daily website said iPhone 5 users in Japan can get the location of the disputed island chain in the East China Sea if they key in either the Diaoyu Islands — as the island chain is known in China — or the Senkaku Islands — as the group is known in Japan.
With this kind of news ongoing, Apple isn’t seemingly about to have that sweet taste in their mouths for having such a glitch and would also be something that Google could take advantage of in the form of Google Maps.
Personally I haven’t used the iOS 6 and see this information for myself, but if I would have tried to check it, I’m sure to have seen a lot more of the glitch in action.
Is this something that should bring Apple’s developers back into the conference room to discuss, or is this something that could be pushed aside.
I don’t know about other users, but if I were to use this app myself and search for that favorite tourist spot, I wouldn’t want to end up seeing results for another country that I’m not in, or seeing that part of the map that looks like it went into a sinking continental drift.
A lot of Filipino users wouldn’t be pleased with such results knowing that the Philippines is one country the iPhone works it’s marketing magic but cannot really get satisfactory results when searching its (iPhone) maps.

Last modified: September 25, 2012

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