Will this be the new Yahoo Homepage?

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Just 2 months after being appointed as Yahoo’s new CEO and making small but significant changes in the Yahoo culture, it looks like Marissa Mayer is about to make her first bold move as Yahoo’s CEO and that’s redesigning the Yahoo Homepage – there’s no doubt that Yahoo’s home page is one of the most important part of property of Yahoo, since it generates a big chunk of ad revenue for the company and it looks Mayer is about to change all that by borrowing a page from her former-employer — Google.

The mock-up Yahoo homepage (image above) looks a lot like Google’s home page, including the black top navi-bar that says “YOU!” when not signed-on to the Yahoo service, which is similar to the “You+” of Google.

If you can remember; Mayer is Google’s employee no. 20 and responsible for Google’s white and minimalist search homepage, Gmail and Google News; so it’s not surprising that she’ll try to apply the same thing to Yahoo; which by the way (Search, Mail and News) are Yahoo’s greatest strengths.

Source: TechCrunch

Last modified: September 26, 2012

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