Apple discontinues employment of famous iPhone Jailbreaker

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Nicholas Allegra – A.K.A Comex was hired due to his skill in jailbreaking the iPhone, he has been reported to have gained fame due to the jailbreakme website (a site where the process of removing Apple-installed protections from the phone is simplified). Prior to his employment as an intern, Comex was just another member (high-profile) of the community of tech wiz’s that find challenges in jailbreaking and at the same time exposing the “cracks” (security vulnerabilities) in Apple’s software.

It has been a common trend to hire/employ those talented individuals such as hackers in these big tech companies and this is for obvious reasons, their ability to expose and leaks possible threats and loopholes in the system/network/device, etc. Though Apple opposes the activity of jailbreaking, they still hired Nicholas back in August of 2011.

On an online report, it stated that the reason for Apple discontinuing employment of Comex was due to the reason of not being able to reply to an email that was intended to extend his employment (Ironic how failure to reply to an extension of employment would actually lead you to the end of your employment).

According to Forbes “Allegra rose to hacker fame building “jailbreaking” tools for iPhones and iPads like Jailbreakme 2 and Jailbreakme 3, which allowed users to remove the restrictions on iOS devices that limit them to downloads only from Apple’s official app store. Both tools entirely defeated iOS’s strict security measures–perhaps the strongest of any consumer operating system–when users simply visited a website, grabbing the attention of the security community and attracting millions of visitors eager to liberate their phones.”

With the end of his employment, what other careers would possibly await the now “former intern of Apple”. It wouldn’t be as surprising to see the rise of other hackers who would want to prove their worth and skill, and at the same time the seasoned hackers jumping from one big company to another.

There are the good and bad sides of being employed by the big-boys, you would probably be immediately bound to terms and conditions that you previously weren’t even are of or they couldn’t touch you with (tough to jailbreak out of that since there would be different laws you could possibly be breaking and for sure these companies would have you by the neck). On the other hand, the good side is probably the extra entry in your resume that would increase your marketability for the next career.

So if there are any interested individuals looking for a new job, there would always be upcoming companies that would need services, though it comes with a lot of talent, and knowing how to apply them.

Source: Forbes

Last modified: October 20, 2012

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