Apple just killed Ping!

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Any Ping user here? It looks like Apple just (for the lack of better word) killed Ping and it’s last day was last September 30, 2012. Ping is Apple’s own social media service that’s integrated in iTunes and focuses more on music, more like what My Space is doing now.

If you try to sign up for a Ping account via iTunes, you’ll get the message (above) and if you try to access your Ping account — well you won’t be able to access your account now — since the Ping link may no longer appear on itunes. There could be a number of reason why Apple decided to shut-down Ping; but one of the most obvious is that Facebook and Twitter are the king of the social hill — that’s why they decided to just partner and integrate their service within itunes and iOS. I guess it’s easier that way, since they (Apple) knows that competing with Facebook and Twitter is just a waste of time and energy.

Also, this proves that not every Apple products and services will be successful and yes this also tells us that they’re not one of the best companies when it comes to cloud/online service, another example is the MobileMe service. Do you think Maps will be next?

Source: 9to5mac

Last modified: October 2, 2012

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