CLiPtec stereo headphone BMH718 review

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CLiPtec STEREO HEADPHONE BMH718 BoxCLiPtec Stereo headphones such as this one that I bought few days ago are so pleasing yet budget-friendly! There are a lot of good headphones in the market right now but it is quite difficult to look for a headphone that is good as this one! After my last headphone was damaged for unknown reason, I think I finally found the right one that really suits for me 🙂


Nicely packed in a medium-sized box with thick  transparent plastic front cover, CLiptec Stereo Headphone BMH718 is attention-grabber. In fact, among those great array of headphones hanging there, it’s the first headphone that took my attention. At the first look I knew that it is something that I’m looking for. Good thing the store has one unit ready for testing so I decided to give it a try right away!

CLiPtec stereo headphone BMH718 unboxing 1CLiPtec stereo headphone BMH718 unboxing 2

CLiPtec stereo headphone BMH718 unboxing 3
CLiPtec stereo headphone BMH718 unboxing 4















The CLiPtec Stereo Headphone BMH718 is mostly made of plastic that is durable, quite flexible and light at hand. Its outer ear shells are covered with transparent, thin plastic that makes it shinier and vibrant when exposed to light while the inner shells are made up of soft leather plastic that’s just comfortable to ears. The ear shells are quite rotatable that adds comfort and optimum fit and I should say that the overall form factor of this headset is good and its design is modern.

CLiPtec stereo headphone BMH718 unboxing 5CLiPtec stereo headphone BMH718 unboxing 6CLiPtec stereo headphone BMH718 unboxing 7CLiPtec stereo headphone BMH718 unboxing 8

















What makes me decided to get this headphone is that aside from having an excellent form factor and modern design, it has a 3.5mm, standard size audio plug that makes it convenient for me to use it in most music players including my PC and smartphone. In fact, it supports any platforms as long as the output has standard 3.5mm connector output, like Mp3, Mp4, iPod, iPhone, iPad and as I’ve mentioned, PCs and mobile phones. It’s also portable so I can just have it with me everyday whether at home or office.

As you can see from the photos above, the headphone has a medium-sized, long cord but it doesn’t have an integrated microphone for making phone calls therefore if you’re planning to use this with you’re phone, maybe you may prefer the one with, at least, a mic.

But the sound quality of this headphone is pretty clear and loud! I have used quite a number of headphones and I think CliPtec has made a fine job in keeping the sound excellent with enhanced super bass! Compared to my old headphone, I only have to adjust my music player volume up to the middle and my ears are already bursting with sound.

The CLiPtec stereo headphone BMH718 is available in five eye-candy colors including white, red, pink, blue and yellow. By the way, I have bought this headphone at Silicon Valley at SM Marikina. The rest of the specs of this good headphone is given below.
CLiPtec Stereo Headphone BMH718 specs:

  • Driver Diameter – Ø 30mm
  • Impedance – 32Ω
  • Frequency Response – 20Hz-20kHz
  • Sensitivity (S.P.L) – 105dB±3dB
  • Cord Length – ≥1M
  • Audio Plug – Ø 3.5mm
  • Net Weight – ≥62g

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