DOJ suspends Cybercrime Prevention Law, TRO issued

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Social Media profiles of Filipino netizens and other websites finally go back to light after DOJ issued a temporary restraining order versus Cybercrime Prevention Law...

my fb timeline

My Facebook Timeline is back to normal! 🙂

It’s good to know that the Department of Justice (DOJ) finally decides on the RA 10175 or the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012. Reports said that the judiciary issued a temporary restraining order (TRO) suspending the effectivity of the controversial law for the mean time starting today, October 9 2012.

The TRO was issued after court justices voted for it unanimously on the same day that the DOJ seeks various sectors for consultations with regards to the clarification of the details of the law.

There was no TRO issued until the most independent branch of the government was flooded by protesters, filing petitions to junk or repeal some provisions of the law as they reasoned out that it violates basic human rights particularly freedom of expressions and the right to privacy.

At least 15 petitions were filed in the DOJ including the Kabataan Partylist’s prior to the issuing of the temporary restraining order.

A temporary restraining order is a court order being released for a limited time period only until a final decision regarding a particular issue has been resolved.

Many Filipino netizens expressed their rejoice on social media sites and others on their blogs upon knowing the highest court’s decision. Some of them changed back their profile photo and website layout to normal.

In the official Facebook page of Senator Tiofisto Guingona, he expressed that the court’s decision was just the first victory of the hard battle in defending freedom and right of expression.

A temporary restraining order (TRO), unanimously issued, is the first victory in our battle to defend our freedom and right of expression. It is a strong message of the Supreme Court’s belief that the dangers and fears of the people are real and must be addressed.

However, the fight is not over. Now, we must escalate our vigilance, keep the fire burning, and continue the fight for our fundamental rights. The fight of the people, on the streets and online, must continue.This positive step forward is our permission to strengthen our protest and to also embrace our hope that this Supreme Court will be the court that truly defends the Constitution and the Filipino people.

The Cybercrime Prevention Law, if not suspended, is on its first week of implementation already.

Last modified: October 9, 2012

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DOJ suspends Cybercrime Prevention Law, TRO issued

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