Kaspersky Labs to develop a Secure OS

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It looks like Kaspersky is taking upon itself to create a secure operating system to protect key information systems like those used in nuclear power stations, energy supply and transportation control facilities, financial and telecommunications systems, and all the other installations deemed “critically important”. They even said use Die Hard 4, as an example – where an attack on infrastructure plunged pretty much the whole country into chaos.

Kaspersky Lab said that the Secure OS is not a fully-featured OS but instead will run on top of existing platform and this will add another layer of protection to stop malware like — Stuxnet, Duqu, Flame and Gauss that targets industrial systems and infrastructure.

This is not your common open source project and it looks like Kaspersky will be creating the secured OS with an outmost secrecy, to ensure that their new project will not be compromise. I guess, Kaspersky is starting to get paranoid on how unsecure the current OS that are in the market and those being used in key infrastructure in our community.

We may not be able to use this new OS that Kaspersky is deloping but it great that a company it taking the initiative to secure those infrastructure that’s essential to our everyday lives.

Source: Eugene Kaspersky

Last modified: October 19, 2012

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