SMART’s newest ‘JUMP IN’ ad features Apl de Ap and Jessica Sanchez

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Jump In - Apl de Ap and Jessica SanchezSMART‘s campaign to live more by switching to its network is not actually over yet but this time, they are sending the message through an inspiring song performed by Apl de Ap and Jessica Sanchez. JUMP IN, an upbeat and addicting dance song released two days ago is getting hyped, receiving good response to the public and seem one of the most successful campaign made by SMART.

It’s quite a long time I’ve never seen a music video that is completely shot in the Philippines. I heard that Charice’s ‘Louder’ was also shot here in our country so that was the last time. This video however features more of Pinoy’s scenes and stuff like the Jeepney, blindsiding waterfalls and, of course, texting during class hours etc!

Directed by a Canadian music video director Marc André Debruyne, Jump In is actually a great collaboration of the two half Filipino race artists. I find Jessica’s voice outstanding and powerful while Apl de Ap is just fine on his rap especially at the tagalog part of the song.

The song’s message, in my opinion, is pretty simple. You can’t make a difference by wasting your time and complaining! Be brave. Jump in!

The collaboration was made possible because the two artists were both at the country last month and since they were also both popular to most Filipinos, advertising companies took the chance to represent them by the two.

Aside from SMART, you can also notice some brands that helped making this video possible including Nokia. Right! That GPS-app used by that guy while searching the location of waterfalls was actually a feature that only Nokia smartphones can offer!

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Last modified: October 21, 2012

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SMART’s newest ‘JUMP IN’ ad features Apl de Ap and Jessica Sanchez

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