South Korea preps ‘Naro’ Rocket for Friday launch

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After North Korea’s failed attNaro Rocket of South Korea set on launch pad to blast off this Fridayempt to launch a rocket last April, South Korea is taking turn to launch another one this Friday, 3:30 PM as ‘Naro Rocket’ set on its launch pad today to prepare for the take off.

Naro rocket, also known as Korea Space Launch Vehicle-1 is the Nation’s highly anticipated rocket that is hopefully to bring milestone in Korea’s scientific research. Experts believe that if Korea made a successful launch this time, it will bring a strong foundation to the country to develop satellites and proprietary rockets that can monitor the environment particularly climate change among other of great important things in the society.

The scheduled rocket launch is actually the third attempt to blast off the shuttle to space.

It is also  a joint venture of Korea and Russia where the former relies on the engines provided by the latter in case of launch failure. The latter country also agreed to share operational know-how and design of the launch pads with Korea.

In an Arirang News interview with the Head of Combustion Chamber Dept. Korea Aerospace Research Institute, Choi Hwan-seok, He said that they have improved the defects issued in the past two failed launches and the procedures have been made in time without delays.

Some regions in the Philippines will be under “No-fly, No-sail” policy particularly regions V and VIII, also provinces of Surigao del Norte and Surigao del Sur from 2:30 – 6:00 PM Philippine standard time.

Reports said that the current weather may leave hindrance to Naro rocket flight but overall, Korea hopes for the best to bring the rocket a new history.


  • (10/26/12) Korea’s Naro Rocket that is expected to launch Friday, October 26, was delayed after a gas leak in the helium injection system was detected. Korea Herald in a report said the country has until the end of the month to blast off the rocket.

Source: Arirang News, Korea Herald

Last modified: October 25, 2012

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