This is what Google Data Center looks like!

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Ever wonder what Google’s data center looks like? What kind of computer handle all those millions to billions of search queries everyday as well as the petabytes of data from web sites that are being indexed by Googlebot, to give you the best search result in the web?

The answer is… it’s impossible to find pictures of Google’s tightly-guarded data centers, specially if you’re gonna use to Google’s search engine. However, Google recently release a number of photos of their data centers and created a page called “Where the Internet Lives.” where you can see actual photos of their server, computers, cables and the actual data centers.

Looking at all those servers, cables and computers remind me of our old AOL office in the Philippines, though the data center in our office is nothing compare to the Google data center.

You can checkout the photos below.(Click on the photos for a larger view)

You can also take a virtual tour of the buildings and offices via Google’s street view.

For hi-resolution version of these images and additional photos and tidbits about them, just go to “Where the Internet Lives“.

Source: Petapixel

Last modified: October 20, 2012

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