Lenovo edged HP as world’s top PC maker

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Top 5 PC maker in the world 2012

Lenovo, HP, Dell, Acer and ASUS listed as top computer manufacturing companies in the world, Q3 2012

Lenovo edged Hewlett Packard Co. (HP) as the new reigning top PC maker in terms of market share worldwide according to latest research for the Q3 2012.

Gartner in a report reveal that Lenovo surpassed HP with only 2-point lead in terms of market share for the third quarter this year with 15.7% equivalent to 13,767,976 shipments! HP’s share in the third quarter was 15.5% or equivalent to 13,550,761 shipments only.

HP was the reigning top PC maker in the world for six years until this year’s struggle to maintain the lead was cut by Lenovo.

According to the data provided by the same research company, a comparison of Lenovo’s  market share from last year up to the third quarter of 2012 showed a 9.8 percent growth. Looking for specific statistics, Lenovo, last year, only had a 13.1% market share or equivalent to 12,536,756 shipments.

HP meanwhile, in six year’s of leading as top PC manufacturer recorded a 17.0% share in the market or equivalent to 16,217,987 shipments last year Q3. Their performance this year showed a fall of 16.4%.

In a separate study however conducted by IDC, HP remained as the leading global PC vendor with 15.9 % market share,  0.2 percent ahead of Lenovo (15.7% market share).

While the two studies showed opposite results, both research showed similar data in terms of growth and decline of the two top PC makers.

The two manufacturers are yet to compete for the lead in the remaining quarter of this year as they launch new models of PCs, laptops and tablets running Windows 8 operating system.

Dell, Acer Group and ASUS completes the list of top 5 PC makers in the world with 10.5%, 9.9% and 7.3% market share respectively.


Last modified: October 11, 2012