Video: New Microsoft Surface Ad: better than first one?

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Two days after releasing the Microsoft “Movement” Surface video ad, Microsoft release a longer and “more” helpful ad on Microsoft Surface.

The ad is called “Learn more about Surface” which is better than the “Movement” ad, and provided the much needed information that was not in the first ad. Microsoft also made one thing clear — Surface is not a tablet but a laptop with a very thin detachable keyboard and a touch enabled display. You can clear see on both commercial that the touch cover is always there and that never in any part of the commercial showed that you can use without the keyboard.

I don’t see anything wrong with that but if Microsoft is really dead serious in making a dent in Apple’s lead in the tablet market, they should be able to show us that their device is “really” a tablet and not a laptop in a different form factor.

I myself have been using my iPad 2 for 2 years now and I did not even for a minute think that I need to buy one of those iPad keyboard, even though there are hundreds of iPad keyboard in the market and I will continue using my ipad without a keyboard.

You can watch the new Surface commercial below.


Last modified: October 18, 2012

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Video: New Microsoft Surface Ad: better than first one?

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